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Welcome to the GoogleMachine, This is the JEM Component. (Joomla Event Manager) for the Google Machine(GM)
This site is a true working demonstration of the basic components which if you choose to use have some limitations. This is the Free Version of the Google Machine which you can build for yourself but only if your a registered Privateer, being Shanghaied into the crew is not the same.
This is alsoMy personal website as well as a training tool for those using the Google Machine (GM) as an event server for local search. The events listed here are real events, Events where you will most likely meet one of our crew, or a distributor for our family's polish, maybe you will be part of our Pirate Games, where we test your Pirate or Pyrate abilities.
This is a Working Demo Site. It is both my own personal site, but also my testing server for the technology known as the Google Machine. This "JEM" is The Joomla Event Manager Component and is the Primary reason The Google Machine Excels ate local search via a mobile device. (MrPJ1751-Aye Mate! Knoweth Ye Target, Howeth they Navigate Unknown Waters.) This is the Footer found in the menu)